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Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
10.00 – 12.00
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Closed Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday

Your Direct Contacts
Mme FELIX Clarisse – Property Management Assistant

Mme BOISSON Géraldine – Property Management Accountant

Mme THIBAUD Mauricette – Building Manager

The property management service ensures the smooth running of a building.
It is regulated by the Hoguet Act of July 2, 1970 for property agents and by the law of July 10, 1965
for property management specialists . Since March 24, 2014, the Law for Access to Housing and Renovated
Urbanism (ALUR)  also adds new obligations.
All co-ownered buildings must have a property management service.
The syndicate of co-owners (the owners of the building) may choose, at the annual general meeting, to entrust the management of their building to a real estate professional or to a co-owner.
The building management, an organizer and a mediator
The role of the building trustee is to enforce the co-ownership by-laws to all the occupants of the building and to implement the different decisions voted at the annual general meeting of the co-owners.
Its missions:

- It takes over the all the administration and organises cost-effective upkeep of the building;
- It deals with the buildings insurance policies, negotiates the tendering and management  of different maintenance contracts;
- It establishes the forecasted budgets, the accounts at the co-owners' meeting and the individual expenses due by  each owner;
- It carries out the necessary legal recovery for the syndicate of co-owners and if necessary, represents them in court.
Each year, it must convene an annual general meeting :  present a financial report of the different actions taken during the last twelve months and organise the vote of the service charge budget for the coming year.
How to choose your building management ?
By comparing quotes and looking carefully at the different current management fees (organizing Co-ownership committe meetings,  co-owners' accounts, etc.) and the costs related to specific expenses (extraordinary general meetings, unpaid recovery fees, etc.).
Larger buildings, especially those planning to carry out major works or those who prefer professional management of their building have a real interest in using the services of a professional relevant to the Hoguet Act.
Our advisors are at your disposal with their in-depth  knowledge across all areas to help you  implement  a personalized management of your building.


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